Monthly Archives: September 2009

God vs. God’s will.

It’s always easy, I think, to fall into the trap of looking for God’s plan. Now, I need to make a distinction between God’s plan and God’s will. If someone is always looking for God’s will, they will generally be looking on a situation by situation basis. That is, what would God want for you between these two or three things. Looking for God’s plan can hinder Christians in a number of ways. First of all, if you’re looking for a plan you’re trying to look for a long term, big picture sort of thing and there are a couple problems that come with looking for it. For one, you can’t see God’s plan; as Christians we will get called into certain things and feel lead to act a certain way or chose one thing over another, however you’re not going to all of a sudden wake up one day and know what you’re going to do every day for the rest of your life.

The second thing that tends to happen when we’re looking for a plan is that since we’re looking for it, we take our eyes off God. When you take your eyes off God, then the plan that you’re searching for becomes more important than the people involved in your life or involved with the plan, and more importantly, it becomes more important than God.

How is it that we can take our eyes off God and be devoted solely to this plan when I just mentioned we can’t find said plan? From my experience what we look for is the plan that makes the most sense. As logical, rational beings we tend to look at things and think that if it makes the most sense, than it must be the best choice, and as Christians, the best choice must be God’s choice. A lot of “us” come into this sort of thinking because since we’ve taken our eyes off God, it then becomes entirely about us and what we want or what would suit us best. We seem to think that we have our best interest in mind and therefore line up perfectly with what God wants.

I believe that if we are entirely focusing on and seeking God, He will reveal His plan as we need it and when we need it, not before or after, or in more quantity than is healthy for us. Naturally, we think if we got a bit more of a picture that we’d be able to better prepare and plan ahead for the things that are going to come. The problem with that is that, once again, the focus has been taken off God. In this case, it’s a matter of trusting Him in all things. If He gave us more of His plan than we were immediately in need of, it would then be about what we can do to make the plan happen or prepare for it. When in reality, our preparations can be tossed about by the world in the blink of an eye. We would essentially be building our house on the sand instead of trusting that God will take care of us even when we don’t see what’s going on and have lost control.

Focusing solely on God takes us entirely out of the equation and forces us to rely on God. That, I believe, is God’s plan.