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Where are You, Christmas?

The Grinch is my favorite Christmas movie, and actually, it might be one of the only ones I like. One of the songs in the movie is where I get the blog title from, and basically it’s a song about the relationship between a child and her perception of the force from Star Wars. That part isn’t super important, but rather a segue into this here blog.

I was visiting family for Thanksgiving, and after acquiring a Christmas tree on the day after, there was a lot of decorating going on. I was content to sit and watch the tree being decorated, and my sister made the observation that she thought I’d lost my awe of Christmas. As I’ve taken some time to reflect on this, I think she may be right, at least in some ways. It’s not simply that Christmas is all commercialized into an abomination, either. Upon further reflection, I’ve also lost my awe with how much of Christendom seems to celebrate Christmas, as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Christmas eve services (I’m going to one in a couple hours) or Christmas carols (I’ve enjoyed them more this year than in the past). It seems that people celebrate Christ in the same way that the world celebrates Santa. It’s cute, for children, a shinier bauble than the other guy’s, and a largely surface-level thing to be forgotten as soon as Christmas passes.

I’m not too interesting in the debates on whether or not Christmas has a pagan origin or not, as it seems to me that those discussions are one, large, genetic fallacy. The incarnation is a glorious event, and is always connected to the cross. Don’t just treat this like Talladega Nights. Take it seriously, even as we are happy and gracious. What is the incarnation? Why is it important? What does it mean for us? RC Sproul gives some insight into what we celebrate on Christmas in this video.

So yes, do remember the reason for the season. Do remember the incarnation. Do remember the gospel, and our need for it.