These are my thoughts on various attributes of culture through the Christian perspective. As you can see from the heading, I am coming from the vantage point of the reformed theological tradition. I would not consider myself an expert or a scholar, but rather, someone who enjoys the disciplines of reading, critical thinking, and writing. In several ways, writing helps me organize my thoughts and as such, it is helpful for me to do so. If God uses these posts to help or bless others, then that is wonderful and all glory should rightly be given to Him.

Apologetics is two-fold in a number of ways and you will see these ways described in different terms. First, It is exposing the inconsistencies and errors in other worldviews, and then secondly it is putting forth the Christian worldview as being the correct, and consistent one. Apologetics is also two-fold in the sense that it is for defending Christianity against the challanges of other worldviews as well as for strengthening the convictions and faith and doctrine of Christians.

Within the church, apologetics is often defined as “What you believe and why you believe it” and I feel it is important that those are in the order that they are. It is important to know what you believe before you delve into why you believe it. These things are often overlapped, but I still find it important to get the “what” before you get the “why”.

In terms of methodology, there are often two camps referred to when talking about apologetics: Presuppositionalism and Evidentialism. There are others like Cumulative Case, Classical etc. but I’ve found myself to be closer to what I would call Schaefferian, after Francis Schaeffer. It seems to me that he emphasized elements from both camps and did so effectively. This could be because I have an insufficient understanding of the terms (as I’ve heard people classify him in different camps), but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As a side note, if you are trying to decide which translation of the Bible to get, I recommend the ESV. It’s the one I use most often and one of the most accurate translations out there, to my knowledge.

A fairly accurate representation of what I believe is summed up in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Found here.

The blog formerly known as “Thoughts From A Calvicostal”. Why the name change? Because the term is confusing to people and is actually not one I identify with much anymore. Renaming the blog “From the Shoulders of Giants” I think is easy to understand, and it certainly represents my gratitude for those who have blazed the trails before me, both present and past.


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