I suppose these are ones that don’t fit the “blogroll” category. However, there may be several blogs contained in these sites so you may see some overlap in both places. Also, this is probably the most important aspect of the blog, because these people/groups are a lot smarter than me. Hopefully, they will bless and help you over the years as they have to me.


Alpha and Omega Ministries – James White

Apologetic Junkie

Apologetics 315

Apologetics Index

Apologetics Guy

Be Thinking

Reasons To Believe

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Reasonable Faith – William Lane Craig

John Lennox

Christian Apologetics Alliance

Christian Apologetics Alliance – The more professional one, I guess.

CARM – Matt Slick

Hope’s Reason


Desiring God – John Piper

Ligionier Ministries – R.C. Sproul


The Resurgence – Mark Driscoll

Grace to You – John MacArthur

9 Marks

White Horse Inn – Michael Horton

The Gospel Coalition

Enjoying God Ministries – Sam Storms

The Nicene Council

Reformed Baptist Blog

Study Tools

Bible Arcing

Bible Gateway

Bible Study Tools

Christian Classics Ethereal Library


You Version

Study Light

Bible Works



Biblical Training


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