Smart Phones

Since we’re all in the digital age, I think it’s important that we have as many resources available on our devices as we can have. These are some of the ones I have downloaded and have found useful. I do run an Android, though I’m sure these or similar apps are in Apple’s app store too, and whatever it is that Windows Phones use.

Biblos – A Bible reader and study tool run by YouVersion (check the resource tab for them). It’s quick and user friendly with several different versions avaialbe to chose from, including some with audio reading capabilities. You can also sync with your YouVersion account if you want to add notes and such. There’s also a selection of Bible reading plans you can chose from.

Ligionier – Obviously, this is powered by Ligionier ministries (again, resource tab) and contains the Renewing Your Mind audio podcast, a video podcast, and a daily devotional. There is also a tab to go to their site’s blog as well as to access a number of resources from their site via a simple searching system under the title of “Learn”.

Fighter Verses – This one isn’t free, but for a couple bucks or whatever it was, it’s well worth it. It’s powered by Desiring God Ministires (resource tab) and is basically a Bible verse memorization system. It will automatically pull up a verse or set of verses to memorize during the week, and then another one on Sunday. They will categorize them by topic and offer review quizes to see how well you have it memorized via fill in the blank. Under the study section you have the option to read the whole chapter, access the blog for the app and search all of the Desiring God website for relevant information on the verse(s). You can also listen to an audio playback of the verse, or even listen to it in song form, as well as share the verse via text message or a number of different methods.

Reasons To Believe – This is essentially accessing the Reasons To Believe website via their running blog as well as their 3 podcasts and the daily newsletter Today’s New Reasons To Believe.

Cadre Bible – This is an application that is more for study. It has several translations to read, but also comes with some commentaries, devotionals, and original language tools.

Thoughtful Christianity – This app has access to several articles, book reviews, lectures, debates etc. from a wide variety of thinkers in the Christian arena.

Christian Creeds & Reformed Confessions – Precisely what you would think, a list of some of the most important creeds and confessions as well as a search feature. This one doesn’t include the 1689 London Baptist Confession, but thankfully they made a separate app for that.

Grace to You – If you’re a fan of John MacArthur, then check this out. Sermons, blogs, bible etc.

RZIM – Another website port app, this time from Ravi Zacharias.

Net Nanny – If you’re concerned about purity for yourself or your children, there is finally an internet filter app for android. It’s not free, but it’s certainly worth it. It will slow you down a bit, in terms of browser speed, but that’s an ok compromise for me.

Also, you can just google or do a search in the app store/ marketplace for things because there’s tons out there. Basically whether you’re looking for just a bible reader or for something more specific, you’ll be taken care of.


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